What’s Your Favorite Anime of 2018? [Poll]

As anime fans, we all have our own opinions when it comes to the BEST ANIME OF THE YEAR!
And there were so many amazing anime in 2018!

But we want to know what’s YOUR favorite anime of 2018?
But as it’s also impossible to pick just one, you can select up to FIVE of the best anime out there!
(But you can only vote once – so think carefully!)

Feel free to leave a comment explaining why!

This poll is no longer accepting votes

What's Your Favorite Anime of 2018?

It was a year ago, but in 2018 Recommendations for My Otaku Spouse argued about their favorite and least favorite anime for 2017. Check it out here in “How Can You NOT Like Kono Suba?! (2017 Season Favorites)”!

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One thought on “What’s Your Favorite Anime of 2018? [Poll]”

  1. Okay most people didn’t watch it nor have barely heard of it but Hakumei To Mikochi is fantastic! Legitimately one of my favorite series, The manga’s great too. Of course A Place Further Then the Universe was also incredible. I remember watching the first trailer and flipping out because we were going to get an anime about Antarctica. Considering getting to Antarctica is my main life goal I was pretty pumped for it. Such a good show too

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