About Us

Who We Are

Anibros Creative is a podcast network dedicated to producing quality content covering anime, manga, and Japanese culture.

Starting with the flagship Anibros Podcast, we have grown to include several more shows which cover a variety of content weaboos are sure to enjoy. There is something for every otaku here at Anibros Creative!

Meet the staff!


Podcasts: Anibros Podcast
Age: 26
Blood type: Blue
Type: Red-haired tsundere
Favorite food: Sabazushi
Favorite anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Favorite place in Japan: Sendai or anywhere in Kansai
Phrase: “It’s better than nothing”


Podcasts: Anibros Podcast
Age: 26, feels 65
Blood type: A Mystery
Relationship status: DINK
Favorite food: Tsukemen from Rokurinsha; Ramen from Mutekiya; Pretzels
Favorite Anime: Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise
Favorite Place in Japan: Hottarakashi Onsen in Yamanashi


Podcasts: Recommendations for my Otaku Spouse, Fujoshi Trash Talk, Japanese Talk Online
Age: 28
Blood type: ???
Relationship status: Married to Wes
Favorite food: Katsu-don
Favorite manga: Fullmetal Alchemist
Favorite anime: Log Horizon
Favorite place in Japan: Fushimi Inari Taisha (Kyoto)


Podcasts: Recommendations for my Otaku Spouse
Age: Ancient
Blood type: Mostly Human
Relationship status: Enslaved
Favorite food: Thick Stew
Favorite anime: Lupin III
Favorite place in Japan: Book-Offs in out of the way places with great selections


Podcasts: Fujoshi Trash Talk, Reel Japan
Age: Eternally running in the 90s
Blood type: DB
Relationship status: Keeper of Josh
Favorite food: Chirashizushi
Favorite manga/anime: Dragon Ball
Favorite place in Japan: Off the beaten track


Podcasts: Reel Japan
Age: 36
Blood type: ???
Relationship status: Single
Favorite food: Pepperoni Pizza, BBQ ribs
Favorite anime: The World God Only Knows
Favorite place in Japan: Never been there


Podcasts: Reel Japan
Age: Momoyama
Blood type: AB
Relationship status: Trapped
Favorite food: Curry
Favorite anime: Ranma ½
Favorite place in Japan: Any city’s red light district
I enjoy traveling, eating and cooking food.


Podcasts: Fujoshi Trash Talk
Age: 39
Blood type: O
Type: Scaley
Relationship status: Single
Favorite food: Anything sweet
Favorite Anime: Ouran High School
Favorite place in Japan: South Korea
Phrase: “I like my porno like I like my dinosaurs–prehistoric”


Podcasts: Anibros Podcast
Age: Only ’90s kids will remember
Blood type: Yes
Relationship Status: Yes
Favorite food: Bean
Favorite anime: Kino’s Journey
Favorite place in Japan: Takayama


Couldn’t be bothered to write anything
Hosts The World in Review
Hates up to 99.9% of anime