Fujoshi Trash Talk 10 – Yarichin

A series about a high school photography club sounds like a soothing slice-of-life to help viewers relax. Which is 100% the opposite of what this series is. The Fujoshi Trash ladies have a bit of a Yarichin Bitch-fest as they laugh, cry, and wonder what the hell they just watched.

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You won’t just be seeing shrooms, you might feel like you’re on them while watching this.

2 thoughts on “Fujoshi Trash Talk 10 – Yarichin”

  1. This sounds pretty hilarious, and Ping Pong Club is one of my favorite series… I’m feeling a strong recommendation vibe.

    1. Wow, and here I assumed that when The Ping Pong Club came up, no one would remember it! I’d still say it’s probably a stretch to call the two series similar, since Yarichin is highly raunchy and explicit while Ping Pong Club was more absurd and silly, but maybe the absurdity of both gives them some connection lol.

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