Anibros Podcast Episode 31 – The Cost of Her Panties Will Make Her Popular

Whoa and wow, welcome to Anibros! We grab Patrick again and review Flowers of Evil and talk about a bunch of other anime we’re watching. You won’t want to miss our exciting opinions on all the hottest airing series, or our gripping explanations of Nadia: Secret of Blue Water and Suisei no Gargantia even though we haven’t finished watching either of those.

It’s rough growing up in Japan, you don’t even know.

Along with this great new episode we also have a new website and all kinds of big plans for the upcoming Kumoricon. If you’ll be in Vancouver, WA during Labor Day weekend come have fun at our anime jeopardy panel on August 31st. Don’t miss it! If you do miss it though we’ll understand.

Download MP3 Here

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