Anibros Podcast 139 – How We Learned to Play Mahjong

Rejoice, listeners! We have one again uploaded some content! And not a moment too soon, because this may the only convention coverage you’ll get from us in 2020.


Way back in November, the Bros took over a convention center in Portland Oregon, hung out with (and basically became best friends with) Studio Trigger, and learned to gamble away our respective life savings’ away. There was also an anime con happening around us at the time, if you can believe it!


This week’s hosts:

Laven – @LavenVoth
Kenny – @sakoku_otaku



Download MP3 Here

3 thoughts on “Anibros Podcast 139 – How We Learned to Play Mahjong”

  1. Great episode!
    I laughed good and hard about the situation Kenny found himself in with the vp of the company he works for since I know them as well!

    Also strangly prophetic with the Corona and wearing masks at a con!

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