Otafu Susume 50 – Wishes it Was Beauty and the Beast (Belle)

Tale as old time… Or at least as old as 1991.

Jenn and Wes check out Mamoru Hosoda’s latest movie Beauty and the Beast
Belle (or 竜とそばかすの姫, Ryu to Sobakasu no Hime).

It’s a beautiful and exciting movie with amazing music, but can the story live up to the hype?


**Spoilers for Belle**

[Otafu Susume 50 – Belle mp3]  

About Otafu Susume

Otafu Susume is the short name for Recommendations for My Otaku Spouse.

It comes from the Japanese “otaku” (geek), “fufu” (husband and wife), and “susume” (recommendation).

Wes and Jenn are married otaku and translators. And they have been trying to recommend things to each other for YEARS. Now they HAVE to watch / read / play each others recommendations for this podcast.

Want more? Check out Recommendations for My Otaku Spouse and other great otaku podcasts on Anibros Creative!

This is why it wishes it was Beauty and the Beast (Belle)
Our reaction watching these scenes.

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