Anibros Podcast Episode 104 – Coming of Age

Hey, have you heard the new episode of the Anibros podcast? It’s really great! They talk about some of the hottest new shows, and there’s a special review of the top ten must-watch anime! These boys have curated a list of great recommendations that all self-respecting fans of the medium should seek out. The Essential Anime, if I do say so myself. Why take my word for it? I recorded this podcast!

[CBM]_Cowboy_Bebop_-_Session_22_-_Cowboy_Funk_[720p]_[AA11A59A].mkv_snapshot_20.43_[2015.11.17_19.20.15]*tips space fedora*

Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself! I dare you to!


Download MP3 Here

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