Reel Japan 13 – Illang: The Wolf Brigade

This review of the 2018 Korean adaptation of Jin-Roh finds hosts Josh and Jason adding a pair of guests to their brigade: Wesley from Otafu Susume and long-time betrayer, first-time reviewer Kenny of Anibros fame. Taking place in a different time period and setting than the original animated movie, how well did this alternate take incorporate the existing plot, and what changes did it make to appeal to a different audience? Listen to find out if the film was a success, or left our reviewers saying, “Jin-Roh no!”

One thought on “Reel Japan 13 – Illang: The Wolf Brigade”

  1. Really fun episode guys. You all are really funny.
    I am pretty certain I watched Jin Roh but don’t remember much about it, but I remember not enjoying it in the end, but if I do catch the live action version, I will take your advice and stop before the end.

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