Otafu Susume 01 – Maybe She Should Just Punch Him (Rookies and Immortal Rain)

“How haven’t you read this?!”

A common phrase for our otaku couple but now’s the time to change that.

Join Jenn and Wes in this episode of Otafu-Susume as they explore the world of delinquents and bounty hunters with Rookies and Immortal Rain!



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Rookies is a baseball manga where they don’t play very much baseball. It’s a hot blooded, air punching manga about delinquents re-discovering their dreams in life with the help of overly optimistic teacher.

Immortal Rain is a shojo(ish) manga about the immortal Rain teaming up with the bounty hunter Machika as they foil the bad guy’s plans to destroy the world. But why does he want to destroy it? Why is Rain immortal in the first place? And how are they connected?!

Rookies and Immortal Rain Recommendations for my Otaku Spouse


What’s In This Episode?

00:00 – Intros – what is Recommendations for my Otaku Spouse?

02:05 – Rookies

14:50 – Immortal Rain (Meteor Methuselah)

Rookies and Immortal Rain

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