Otafu Susume 02 – Nuns With Guns (Trigun and Chrono Crusade)

Recommendations for My Otaku Spouse

Nuns with guns and insurance claim fraud runs rampant in the latest episode of Recommendation for My Otaku Spouse. Jen and Wes recommends Trigun and Chrono Crusade to each other.

Join our geeky couple as they explore the classics of Trigun and Chrono Crusade.

Seriously? How haven’t you watched this?!


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In This Episode…

00:30 – Wes recommends Trigun to Jenn – “It wasn’t popular in Japan?!”
09:45 – Jenn recommends Chrono Crusade anime to Wes – “I can see why you recommended Chrono Crusade.”

Trigun and Chrono Crusade
An accurate depiction of the Otaku Spouse.

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