Otafu Susume 04 – Magical Mazinga Madness (Mazinga Z: Infinity)


Wes introduces the wonderful world of Mazinga by Go Nagai to Jenn when they go to the cinema to see Mazinger Z: Infinity.


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In This Episode…

00:00 – What is Mazinga?
03:50 – Jenn’s impressions (as a non-fan), Wes’ freakouts (as a fan)
08:00 – The animation – good and bad (they lied about my lesbians!)
11:28 – The translation
18:30 – Boobs and butts and boobs and butts
19:20 – A movie for everyone!
25:20 – Interested in more Go Nagai?
27:30 – Wrapping it up


About Otafu Susume

Otafu Sususme is the nickname for Recommendations for my Otaku Spouse. It comes from the Japanese “otaku” (geek), “fufu” (husband & wife) and “susume” (recommendation).

Wes and Jenn are married otaku and translators. They have been trying to recommend things to each other for YEARS. Now they HAVE to watch / read / play each others recommendations for this podcast.

Want more? Check out Recommendations for My Otaku Spouse and other great otaku podcasts on Anibros Creative!


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Do you like Mazinga or any of Go Nagai’s work? Or are you now interested in checking them out?

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