Otafu Susume 46 – It’s Not Isekai (To Your Eternity)

A rock, a dog, a bear, and a man all walk into a bar, but there’s little humor to be found here.

Jenn forces Wes to watch a show she knows he won’t like just to see his reaction.

Did he like it? Did he not? Is he seriously reconsidering his life choices?


**Spoilers For First 4 volumes/13 episodes**

[Otafu Susume 46 – To Your Eternity mp3]  

About Otafu Susume

Otafu Susume is the short name for Recommendations for My Otaku Spouse.

It comes from the Japanese “otaku” (geek), “fufu” (husband and wife), and “susume” (recommendation).

Wes and Jenn are married otaku and translators. And they have been trying to recommend things to each other for YEARS. Now they HAVE to watch / read / play each others recommendations for this podcast.

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Otafu Susume 46 - It's Not Isekai (To Your Eternity)

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One thought on “Otafu Susume 46 – It’s Not Isekai (To Your Eternity)”

  1. You thought Kenny would be the only one to hear your insult against Reel Japan, but it was me, Stacey! Someone needs to force their editor to get it together…

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