Otafu Susume 45 – No, Wait, Hear Us Out! (Centaurworld)

We were going to stop after the first episode… Then didn’t…

Jenn took a chance with a random Netflix show and made Wes watch it too.

What they found was a surprisingly entertaining show that they couldn’t put down with music that ear wormed its way into their brains and refused to leave.

Seriously, go watch Centaurworld.


**Spoiler Free Until the Spoiler Warning**

[Otafu Susume 45 – Centaurworld pm3]  

About Otafu Susume

Otafu Susume is the short name for Recommendations for My Otaku Spouse.

It comes from the Japanese “otaku” (geek), “fufu” (husband and wife), and “susume” (recommendation).

Wes and Jenn are married otaku and translators. And they have been trying to recommend things to each other for YEARS. Now they HAVE to watch / read / play each others recommendations for this podcast.

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Otafu Susume 45 - No, Wait, Hear Us Out! (Centaurworld)

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2 thoughts on “Otafu Susume 45 – No, Wait, Hear Us Out! (Centaurworld)”

  1. Ok, ok. Let me pitch you on ‘The Midnight Gospel’ because it is one of my favorite Western animated shows.

    There is some original audio recorded for each episode, but by and large the dialogue is repurposed interviews from Duncan Trussel’s (one of the show creators) podcast. The discussions tend to focus on new age thought, mysticism, psychedelics, pot, and mediation. The animation is often disconnected from the interview but it allows your mind to focus on the conversation while absolute batshit stuff happens in the background. There is a fun overarching plot involving the main character (who is an “space caster” that uses a computer to simulate infinite universes) and the interviews get deeper as the show goes on.

    Great episode! I’ll definitely be checking out Centaurworld 😉

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