Otafu Susume 06 – The PROMARE of Premier (Promare – Studio Trigger)

Wes and Jenn have moved to Japan! Which means they get to watch the movies their friends wish they could see but have to wait 6 months for. Including Studio Trigger’s new movie, Promare!

Promare is about Garo, a member of  the Burning Rescue Fire Department! But more than that, it’s the story of Garo fighting against the fire mutant terrorists, the BURNISH! Can his passion burn brighter than the fires of the BURNISH?!?!


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Otafu Susume 06 - The PROMARE of Premier (Promare - Studio Trigger)  

About Otafu Susume

Otafu Susume is the nickname for Recommendations for my Otaku Spouse. It comes from the Japanese “otaku” (geek), “fufu” (husband & wife) and “susume” (recommendation).

Wes and Jenn are married otaku and translators. They have been trying to recommend things to each other for YEARS. Now they HAVE to watch / read / play each others recommendations for this podcast.

Want more? Check out Recommendations for My Otaku Spouse and other great otaku podcasts on Anibros Creative!


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BONUS! Kenny’s “Proof” that Promare was about firefighters…


3 thoughts on “Otafu Susume 06 – The PROMARE of Premier (Promare – Studio Trigger)”

  1. Absolutely delightful episode. Got me all fired up to catch Promare in the cinema shortly after, and it did not disappoint.

    I’ve not seen much of Trigger’s other works, but I really want to check them out now. Even if it’s just so I can pick up on all the elements that you guys mentioned them bringing into Promare.

    Looking forward to the next episode. Maybe a round-up of must-watch shows for this season?

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