Anibros Podcast Episode 32 – Kumoricon Diaries 2013

The Anibros plus the P-Rizzler (Patriiiiiiick!) do Kumoricon 2013! Set in Vancouver, WA this is the closest anime convention to our home. Join us as we regale you with several tales of our adventures, including but not limited to:

  • An account of the panels we attended, including the one we hosted
  • Patrick’s reviews of Lotte’s Toy, Say I Love You, and Devil Survivor 2
  • An interview with the Anime Quiz Masters, who win every knowledge/trivia contest with ease
  • Exciting discussion of what we ate and where we slept



Watch the OP of Shin Anime Jeopardy: Aim For The Top! featuring the hit single THINK! by the Anibros (idol group).

You can read the manga we created during Jason Thompson’s Mangaka panel.

So if you’re ready to feel like you’re right there at the con with us for two hours, click away for some audio entertainment! If you balked at “two hours” and like us but not that much then stay tuned for the abridged report!

Download MP3 Here

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