Fujoshi Trash Talk 7 – 10 Dance

It’s a BL ballroom blitz as our esteemed panel of trash fangirls discuss 10 Dance! Tune in to hear their thoughts about the art style, humor, sexiness, and romance of this BL/sports manga series.

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Stacey’s phrase of the episode was  d i c k  s q u i s h

If it were possible to get impregnated through dance, Suzuki definitely would’ve wound up having Sugiki’s babies after this scene.

2 thoughts on “Fujoshi Trash Talk 7 – 10 Dance”

    1. YESSSS, would love an anime to be made for this. There are some drama CDs, so it is possible to listen to some of the steamy bits (over…and over), but I think this would look amazing if they animated it…as long as they don’t try to do the dance scenes with cheap CGI or something 😛 But seriously, this manga has turned out to be one of my favorite BL series in a LONG time!

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