Anibros Podcast Episode 87 – Pick up the Hat and Win a Free iPod

Surprise! Between production issues and procrastination, this episode had a long journey. We’re not here to give excuses though, we’re here to ruin anime! This time Patrick joins us to report on Gourmet Girl Graffiti, Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!, Assassination Classroom, Death Parade, and Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend. Laven also returns from safari just in time to discuss our favorite U.S. presidents.

kfkGirls Seductively Feeding Each Other was approved for a 12-episode TV series!

Grab your love stick (but not too hard) and dig in to this savory pod! Make sure to come back next week when we’ll definitely have a new episode.


Download MP3 Here

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