Anibros Podcast Episode 57 – Were They Unable to Steal Another Song? (Let’s Watch)

Welcome to the first episode of the new Anibros format! We’ve consistently received overwhelming positive feedback about the episodes in which we watch bad anime and riff on it; you have made it clear that these are your favorite kind of episodes by far. We’ve listened and are now proud to present you the first episode of the new Anibros RiffCast™ for FREE!

This week we riff on Cipher, a romance/shoujo OVA from 1989.

We spent quite a bit of our personal funds to purchase the rights from Kenny Loggins in order to distribute this video, so future episodes of the Anibros RiffCast™ will be available to subscribers only. Subscriptions are $3.99 per person and when we get enough money to buy the rights to the next anime we’ll record the RiffCast™ and email you the video!


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