Anibros Podcast Episode 115 – I Don’t Want to Slide on the Slope

Welcome, let’s get down to business! In this episode Laven reveals what really happened during his most recent jaunt in Japan. Then Jack talks about what anime he’s watched recently, including but not limited to Sakura Quest, KonoSuba, Love Live! Sunshine!!, Sound of the Sky, Diebuster, Bananya, and BanG Dream! There’s even some time left over to take a look at some anime news!

Hot take: Aqua is an “unredeemable, terrible terrible girl.” Precious followers speak now or forever hold your peace!

Keep scrolling past the break to see the photographs from the Japan trip referenced in the podcast. Don’t get into legal trouble while in a foreign country!


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Here we have Chaz and Josh creeping on an innocent pure 2D shrine maiden.


Here in this alcove you can do whatever you want with the members of Aqours…


…including flipping the bird. GanbaRuby!

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