Episode 00

The pilot that started it all. Note how we have no direction or knowledge of the subject matter– elitists and hipsters be warned. Basically the ramblings of two ignorant dudes who talk at the expense of credibility. Feel free to laugh with us or at us.

Note to new listeners: this podcast isn’t the kind of thing you crawl through chronologically, this episode sucks. Go listen to the newest one.

Download MP3 Here

Again, this episode totally sucks and should not be listened to first. If you’re a new listener I beg of you not to use this as your One Episode Test (©Laven).

Fun fact, this is technically Episode 04, but before this the Anibros didn’t talk about anime so that’s why this is the oldest episode available. The two of us started podcasting to fill time on a radio show and decided to stick to anime. THE MORE YOU KNOW~

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