Anibros Podcast Episode 154 – In My Attempt to Bury the Lead, I Will Now Reveal…

Show 154

I would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to the influx of new listeners that have been directed to this glorious Podcast by way of Anime Jeopardy, courtesy of Kumoricon 2022.

Also, as a disclaimer, this episode  was recorded before the Twitter drama. We reference Twitter several times in this episode, so just keep that in mind.

On with the show!



This week’s hosts:

Laven – @LavenVoth
Kenny – @sakoku_otaku

  • Introduction
    • AniBros Creative can be found at, and follow up on Twitter at @anibroscreative
    • Laven is @LavenVoth
    • Kenny is @sakoku_otaku
  • Opening Banter
    • “Boy-see”
      • Kenny is a Salaryman and currently being a salaryman in Boise
      • Good Patrick is a resident of Boise but Kenny failed to tell him he’d be coming into his town
      • Kenny has seen a lot of potate-themed art
    • Are we post-Pandemic?
    • Life Protip: Delete more tweets than you send.
    • RSS Check! Looks like we messed up! RIP Feedburner.
    • Listen to us on Spotify!
  • Otaku no Video
    • Two-part OVA created by Gainax in 1991
    • Director: Takeshi Mori
    • Written by: Toshio Okada
    • Story of a college student, Kubo, who becomes an otaku after a chance encounter with an old classmate and friend, Tanaka.
    • Autobiographical but stylized depiction of the history of General Products and Studio Gainax
    • Features segments called ‘Portrait of an Otaku’, live action interviews with otaku
    • Discussion
      • What new stuff stood out to us?
        • Portrait of an Otaku hit harder now that we’re the age of the folks that made this movie. They do get progressively more and more stupid.
        • Garage Kits are made to be way more popular than they ever were.
        • Otaku no Video remains a familiar and cozy show to return to.
        • Kubo and Tanaka were definitely huffing fumes
        • The Otakuland opening may be a reference to Tomino’s New Anime Century speech
        • The worst part of Otaku no Video is that they become capitalists — but maybe that is a self-aware acknowledgement of the worst tendencies at Gainax.
    • Highly recommended, definitely watch.
    • The reason we have this podcast.
    • Laven is looking for land to build his own Otakuland
  • Syberpunk: Edgerunner
    • 10 episodes series on Netflix
    • Produced by TRIGGER for CD Projekt Red
    • Director: Hiroyuki Imaishi
    • Written by: Masahiko Otsuka, Yoshiki Usa
    • Based on story by: Bartosz Sztybor (シテボル); Rafal Jaki
    • Discussion
      • “One of the best shows I’ve seen in awhile.” – Laven
      • Fear going in: this is just a video game tie-in, how good could it really be? But! It is really good!
      • Kenny and Laven fight over DARLING in the FUCKS again
      • What’s it about?
        • David Martinez has a bad time: his school hates him, his classmates hate him, and his mom is killed in a car wreck.
        • David becomes an Edgerunner — a member of a crime team running jobs.
        • He quickly spirals into the dark world of corporate warfare and cybernetic enhancements.
      • Kenny’s Take: Edgerunner is exactly what it felt like to watch anime in the 90s/00s/
        • This is what it was like to watch Ninja Scroll or Cyber City Oedo
        • It has violence! It has sex! It has a complex story that is based on source material that isn’t 100% present in the anime!
      • Cyberpunk is based a TTRPG created in the 80s by Mike Pondsmith
      • The sensory experience is dialed up to 11.
      • This could only exist as an OVA — in fact, it is an ONA!
      • Cyberpunk is a love letter to the 80s OVA
      • It is so refreshing to have a true sci-fi and cyberpunk anime again!
      • When our generation is making decisions (after boomers are good, TY Knight Sabers), let’s hope its all nostalgia like this.
      • Who is your favorite character?
        • Laven: Lucy, the main girl — perfectly engineered for me to like her;
        • Kenny: Maine and Dorio
        • All the characters are really well done and given opportunities to bond witht he audience.
      • Who at Trigger needs to always add the Rebecca-type character?
        • And what is driving the perception that she’s a loli?
      • Really good world building.
      • Do we want a sequel?
        • Only if its a completely new story.
      • Comfort viewing — you can watch it slow or binge it
    • So will we play Cyberpunk 2077? No. But if it goes on Sale for a steep enough discount, maybe.
    • Want to watch anime and experience a cyberpunk adventure
  • But wait, there’s more!
      • Trigun!?
        • Laven had time to fit into a re-watch of Trigun.
        • Jack reviewed Trigun on Episode #
        • Still holds up!
        • A secret sci-fi show
        • A slow burn — but worth that investment as it starts to unfold
        • Why didn’t Kenny like Trigun? He doesn’t remember — because of the dub? Because of the way its fans behaved? Maybe!
        • What about the new Trigun? No.
      • Cowboy Bebop
        • Watching in Japanese
        • Maybe if I watch it this time, it’ll be different?
      • The two goofballs muse about what they want to make on 3D printers.
      • What!? Laven went to go see the Yokohama Gundam.

    • The Odaiba Gundam is a trash gundam now.
    • 1:1 scale RX 78-2
    • Available to see until Spring 2023 which is great because the borders to Japan are opening soon!
  • Gegege no Kitaro exhibit
    • AR experience


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2 thoughts on “Anibros Podcast Episode 154 – In My Attempt to Bury the Lead, I Will Now Reveal…”

  1. Oh my God I’m 3 episodes in to Cyberpunk Edgerunner and loving it. I feel like Trigger is spoiling me. I don’t even like cyberpunk stuff but this series is so complex and relatable. I’m so glad to see their work go into something this good.

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