Anibros Podcast Episode 145 – Mobile Suit Anibros Part 1: Zeta Gundam

It’s happened. It’s finally happened. Resident Feddy Apologist and War Crime Sympathizer Kenny has viewed a treasured historical document called Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, which catalogs the atrocities committed by the Earth in the name of keeping the peace.

This has sparked a discussion about not only Zeta Gundam, but our relationship to Gundam as a whole. We recorded for over 4 hours, and covered many entries into the Gundam UC timeline, however this episode covers Zeta specifically. Part 2 will drop on Australia as soon as I find the time to edit it.


If you aren’t a fan of Gundam, I think there is some worthwhile stuff in here, so I recommend you listen anyway. Maybe you’ll be inspired to give it a try!




This week’s hosts:

Laven – @LavenVoth
Kenny – @sakoku_otaku



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