Anibros Podcast Episode 141 – There’s No Host But the Clouds Would Talk

Today is a great day, because it is a day that a new episode of Anibros has been released. This was recorded a slightly short time ago, but also not super recently. You’d think that with COVID keeping us all indoors we’d be able to record and edit at a better pace. But, alas, our capitalist overloads require even more work during the work-from-home hours, and my entire on-the-computer time consists of working for someone else instead of for all of you. But, don’t fret, because episodes will continue to come out despite hell or high water.

We talk extensively about the new(ish) Evangelion merch available from GU, 7-eleven, and Uniqlo. Here are the promised photos of said merch:




This week’s hosts:

Laven – @LavenVoth
Kenny – @sakoku_otaku



Download MP3 Here

2 thoughts on “Anibros Podcast Episode 141 – There’s No Host But the Clouds Would Talk”

  1. Love the Eva merch pics and stories! Now I feel like binging Japanese television… I wonder where I can find Knight Scoop streaming?

    1. Unfortunately, most of the those videos have been taken down due to copyright strike. You can still find them around, but you have to do some deep digging. The subber who was releasing them back in the day is called Funny Japan.

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