Anibros Podcast Episode 140 – You’re Going to Get Me All Worked Up and Angry Before I Have to Go

It has finally happened. I was able to edit this week’s episode and post it right after the last one. Who knew it was possible?

In my rush to post, I royally screwed up the numbering. So sorry if its confusing, this most certainly is NOT episode 139.


This week we discuss quarantine, Eizouken, and other delusions.

But now that nothing is left “in the can,” as we professionals say, who knows when the next episode will be. Be sure to mention @sakoku_otaku to demand a recording session. Also demand that he watches From the New World while you’re at it. And for the x3 combo, tell him to not use a dollar store Xbox Live headset next time.


As I was searching for relevant images, and found none, I decided to include the following:


This is what it looks like when all the stuff from your previous life is delivered to your current life. Including, but not limited to recording equipment to make fine podcasts such as this one.


This week’s hosts:

Laven – @LavenVoth
Kenny – @sakoku_otaku



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2 thoughts on “Anibros Podcast Episode 140 – You’re Going to Get Me All Worked Up and Angry Before I Have to Go”

  1. I’ll watch Eizouken.

    Laven giving Kenny a list of great contemporary anime made me think of two that I highly recommend because I am pretty sure you would enjoy and know I would love to hear you talk about.

    Haibane Renmei (2002, 13 episodes)
    Created by Yoshitoshi Abe, character designer for Serial Experiments Lain. Psychological/mystery.

    Katanagatari (2010, 12 episodes)
    One of the few anime created by studio White Fox (Steins;Gate) based on a novel by Nisio Isin (but absolutely unrelated to Bakemonogatari). Action/adventure.

    These are two anime that I don’t believe either of you have seen yet, and I think they really excel in every category.

    1. Those are great suggestions! Also, while we’re at it, Kenny also hasn’t seen Steins;Gate…

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