Anibros Podcast Episode 138 – The Promare Episode

Once again it’s been quite a time since the last post. This time there is semi-legitimate reason!


In particular, I (Laven) was waiting for my audio equipment to make its journey by steam-ship to the new world (nihon). But that doesn’t particularly excuse me in this case. What does, though, is that we were also waiting for approval from a certain anime studio to release our recorded audio of a certain interview regarding a certain fire-fighting anime. We have made the decision to just release the text transcript of our interview here as show notes. We were waiting to release our actual discussion of Promare (this episode) so that both pieces could be released in tandem, but alas that was not to be.

So, please enjoy our epsiode. I promise more are coming, if my promises mean anything to you anymore.




This week’s hosts:

Laven – @LavenVoth
Kenny – @sakoku_otaku



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Interviewers: Kenneth Hendricks; Laven Voth (AniBros Creative,

Interviewees: Hiromi Wakabayashi (“Waka”); Shigeto Koyama; Will Feng


English 日本語
PROMARE has been a huge success in Japan and internationally. How does it feel to have worked on such a popular film?

They worked on PROMARE because it is something they like doing. The fact that it is really popular worldwide and in Japan makes them thankful from the bottom of their hearts. (Waka)

(Koyama) We’ve been coming to Kumoricon since 2013, actually have been working on PROMARE since then. After KLK, and going to int cons, keeping in mind that they wanted to make something not just for Japan but internationally as well, so they feel like they’ve done the right thing.

While sometimes over the top, a lot of the rescue technology had realistic elements. What kind of research was done to learn about firefighting and emergency response?

Waka: At NY and San Francisco FD, there we were able to handle the equipment. But of course, in TRIGGER, taking stuff realistically is not what we do. We have to make it more bold, more TRIGGER. We have to alter it. The fact that you think it was seemed realistic is a success on our part. The fact we were able to make it feel realistic but still change it is good.

Will was able to help us coordinate the scheduling of the fire fighting locations.

Of the equipment you used, what was your favorite?

Waka: The jaws of life. (Kenny explained how Jaws of Life are meant to be used, and why they’re called that).

Varys and Remi have such cool rescue suits. Was there ever plans to show them more on screen?

Waka: As much as we wanted to, because it is a film we didn’t want to take away the spotlight from Galo or Lio. If it was a TV series, for sure they would have their own episodes. They were designed by Koyama and Imaishi.

Koyama: Imaishi’s hobby/taste is for mechas that are broad and big.

They made me think of the Alien robot.

Koyama: The Powerlifter, yes

Who came up with the ice-based guns?

Koyama: The idea of fighting ice with fire was in our minds from the beginning. It isn’t enough to just fight with water. We went further, so ice is used to fight the Burnish.

Waka: For example, with the machine gun or the pistol, they’re typically used to fight or in the military. So we played around with rescuers using weapons to save people instead.

It was cool when Galo is fighting the Mad Burnish and takes his hands off the controls to fire his gun. Galo is kind of a block head, but he’s also pretty smart.

Galo refers to his love for a traditional fire fighters from an island in the East. Why doesn’t he say “Japan”? 

Koyama: Technically we don’t specify that this is America or this is NY. We don’t specify the real location in the world. You can see the Stars and Stripes, but its not really the American flag. It hints at it.

Were audiences in Japan familiar with traditional Japanese firefighters?

Waka: Fans or the staff? People know about it but not a lot. It is more in their subconscious. After watching PROMARE fans are now going to traditional fire fighter museums to do their own research.

Ignis drives a bad ass muscle car. What inspired this decision?

Waka: The car is called the Icebreaker. Ignis is a fan of American muscle cars. You can see him working on engines on his desk. 

Kenny: In America, fire chiefs will sometimes drive special cars. So I thought it was very cool. My dad used to drive a “Chief’s Car,” so I saw Ignis’ car and thought, “Wow that’s so cool.”

Waka: Every character in Burning Rescue have their own commitments. For example, Galo loves being on the front lines. Ignis has the muscle car.

Koyama: There is no passenger seat in Ignis’ car. It is entirely nitro. Also, there is a rescue gear in Ignis’ muscle car. 

Waka: It was suppose to be the #1 rescue gear. It is in the back of his car. The spoiler is part of the rescue gear. We meant to show it during the conflict with Vulcan.

Koyama: Here is a photo.

Will: To add an extra detail, no one on the production / design team had no idea what a matio. We had to ask in session what it is.

Kenny, joked about festival boys.

Kenny: please make a series so you can show Ignis’ rescue tech.

Waka: Galo’s voice actor is too expensive. If we left him out, maybe we could.


6 thoughts on “Anibros Podcast Episode 138 – The Promare Episode”

  1. I have to say I appreciate Kenny bring on the show. Is it just me or is LavenXKenny a more thoughtful and analytical combo? Good episode Anibros! I haven’t seen the film but I’ll give it a watch when it’s out on home video.

    1. Thank you Tama! We appreciate the feedback. Please do check out PROMARE when it comes out (soon!) on home release.

  2. Okay so I watched Promare and I can’t say it’s better than average… I guess I wasn’t expecting a movie aimed at children. The second half was better than the first but I really didn’t enjoy it overall. Literally a kid’s movie, like from Disney or something. I liked it better when it was called Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. I can’t recommend this movie at all. Great music though.

    Also not sure what you were talking about with the helicopter girl’s pose; it’s completely different than Darling in the Franxx. In Promare she’s alone in the cockpit.

    1. Hey Maria, thank you for the comment!

      I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy PROMARE like we did. I disagree, obviously, but I can understand the perspective that the movie is a little childish. I find that to be part of its charm, a boldness and innocents delivered with TRIGGER’s flair.

      Thanks for listening!

  3. Great episode, as usual. Love the back and forth between Laven and Kenny. So this was recorded in the back half of 2819…when can we get more podcasts coming? I know Laven’s move put a stop until he settled in but I like to hear your thoughts!

    Stay safe out there! Good opportunity right now to discuss what to watch during the quarantine.

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