Anibros Podcast Episode 125 – Kumoricon 2018 Con Report

The Bros visit Kumoricon once again for a weekend of cosplay, trivia, and severe lack of sleep. Listen as we give our 2018 con report, and answer everyone’s most anticipated question of the year: Was it a good’n?

Kumoricon 2018 Con Report

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In This Episode…

00:40 – The whole thing is Con report!

Kumoricon 2018 Con Report

4 thoughts on “Anibros Podcast Episode 125 – Kumoricon 2018 Con Report”

  1. First off If you don’t do an “Anime Auditors” podcast I’ll do it for you.

    Now according to the some of the registration staff I was talking to after the convention tickets sold was about 8,000 or so for the third year of using the OCC. Kumoricon will be held in November 2019 in order to avoid the construction that will still be active during October 2019. Construction for this year was supposed to start after Kumoricon however the OCC decided to started earlier because reasons. It’ll more than likely return to October in 2020. For more information on that kinda stuff you can always show up to the staff meetings held at the double tree.

    The whole business with Trigger and Kenny is honestly hilarious, you all gave him a ton of crap last year and it’s so funny that he was totally right the whole time. Especially since they recognized him immediately.

    Even if the Traveling in Japan panel didn’t go as planned it still was a great time. I hope you guys continue that panel it’s a pretty good one. And as always the glory the was Anime Jeopardy went off fantastically, Including Kenny’s Sexy bunny outfit. That was pretty good.

    Only downs would be try to to spontaneously breathe loudly into the mic, edit out all the awkward pauses/follow a guideline more to avid those and list the intro/outro songs. Good podcast, now hurry up and make more.

    “I can tell you’re an adult because you just showed your ID to that weird man to get into the booth with the boobs.” -Laven 2018

    1. Anime Auditors is totally yours, and I’ll totally listen! Thanks for the update on the registration numbers, I just checked Wikipedia and they record attendance this year at OVER 9,000! I’m glad Kenny got his karmic justice… we won’t stop giving him crap though. Thanks so much for enjoying our panels! And apologies about the wonky editing this time, Laven edited this episode. Please send him some encouragement to try harder next time!

  2. Son did you get a chance to read through that wood working book I gave you? I think you might enjoy doing something useful like wood working instead of this anime stuff. If you’re interested there’s an upcoming wood carving convention (woodcon) we could go to.

    1. Well hey there Laven’s dad! What book was it my I ask? Was it one of Paul Sellers? Paul’s a really cool guy and I personally like his work quite a bit. I mean have you seen his collection of Stanley’s? Mine doesn’t even come close! I’m actually a classically trained woodworker and I personally would love to go to a woodcarving convention. I’ve not heard of “WoodCon” but I’ll look into it! Do you have the dates by any chance? I’m a turner not a carver however I’d still find it very interesting as the different part of woodworking always overlap. Are you a carver yourself? Or at least a woodworker? Anime may not seem like a great use of time but it’s pretty great when waiting for large blanks to finish gluing up in my shop or when I’m waiting for lacquer to cure.

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