Anibros Podcast Episode 142 – You Weren’t Tradin’ Tapes

I wouldn’t say this episode is timely, however it is a major accomplishment. It was recorded and posted in less than one week! Everything remains topical as of today.

This time, we discover together just how much of a slacker Kenny really is. Its been several years, and he still doesn’t know what a Re:Zero is. But don’t worry, I took him to school.




Also, we preview some of the stuff that looks interesting for Fall 2020. Spoiler alert: It isn’t much.



Double-also, we will be hosting Anime Jeopardy once again at DigiKumo, the digital version of Kumoricon happening this year, hosted exclusively on the World Wide Web! Expect the same amount of shenanigans as before.

That will be held from November 6th through the 8th. Don’t miss us! I’ll be beaming in my presence straight from Japan via satellite teleconference.




This week’s hosts:

Laven – @LavenVoth
Kenny – @sakoku_otaku



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2 thoughts on “Anibros Podcast Episode 142 – You Weren’t Tradin’ Tapes”

  1. Great episode, glad to have you guys back!
    Some comments:
    Re:Zero the Directors cut is just 2 episodes from the first season put together, and some scenes added or slightly changed. The plan all along this year was to air the directors cut and then literally the next week, after the cliff hanger of an end to season 1, they would start season 2! Covid got in the way of that. Glad Kenny will be watching it!

    Another show that is adults being basically normal, is Uzaki-Chan wants to hang out. It is kinda garbage TV, but I enjoyed it a lot. The characters are just so fun to watch.

    I laughed really hard at the xmas regifting. I, too, am of the mind that Inuyasha was a terrible show, but I watched it a bunch! I will check out this new series.

    Interesting to hear about the Con! Are you guys going to be able to advertise Anibros or are you going to be streaming from an “official” Con Twitch channel? I am guessing the latter, since you mentioned seeing how “far” you can go with your adult content!

    Hope you guys record again soon and Kenny gets back on the wagon!

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