Japanese Talk 02 – Yotsuba and Ore Monogatari Japanese for Beginners

In this episode we look at why よつばと! (Yotsubato) and 俺物語!!(Ore Monogatari) are two GREAT manga for beginners!

What can beginners expect when they read manga in Japanese for the first time?

What should you be wary of?

Why should you read manga to begin with?!

Don’t put it off! Start reading manga as a beginner to get better Japanese!


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Yotsuba and Ore Monogatari Japanese for Beginners



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  1. Whelp, I needed to read both of those anyway. I own quite a few Japanese language manga’s with the intent of forcing myself to learn and understand what’s going on. It’s certainly a helpful strategy as the art can help you with context in a lot of cases. As you stated though the language can sometimes be different that what would normally be used especially if the characters are younger and mispronounce words. Good podcast,

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