Anibros Podcast Episode 124 – Anno Can’t Just Have a Dream One Day and Then Tell Everyone That an Anime is Coming Out


This week on the ‘cast, Jack has been missing for several months, and the Amber Alert that we issued has proved unfruitful. So, to fill in, Kenny joins the Bro in a lively discussion of Darling in the Franxx.



NOTE: We do realize that it has been approximately 9 decades since the last episode. This was recorded the week Franxx finished, for the record. So now you know how lazy we are…


SPOILER WARNING – Darling in the Franxx


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In This Episode…

01:38 – Anibros “Darling in the Podcast”

03:00 – What we’ve been watching (Spring+ recommendations)

31:00 – Darling in the Franxx – Kenny and Laven fight it out.



One comment

  1. I have to say I agree 100% with Kenny. This show really is pushing nerds to have babies and is pushing hetro-normative behaviors. And the studios involved in it are making a statement that this is how Japan is or should be, when it’s not and shouldn’t be.

    I’ve seen a few LGBT+ people in Japan annoyed with this show because it really does just swipe them under the rug.

    Also SJW FTW.

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